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The Jam theme is "surprise" so THIS PAGE IS SPOILER FREE. If you want the full game description with spoilers and screenshots please visit the Itch page below.


Post Jam version will be uploaded after voting ends and before the stream.


Looting Surprises is a 2D platformer made in 48 hours for the Yogcast Game Jam 2020, with the theme surprise! This game is designed for speedrunning.


"Christmas is the time of sharing! Unfortunately Santa's "Naughty List" is horribly outdated and in need of restructuring. Namely, I shouldn't be on it. The plan is simple:

Sneak into Santa's workshop and get my presents."

Theme explanation

The implementation is a surprise. :)

Visit this page if you want it spoiled for you.



  • A and D to move
  • W to jump
  • Mouse to choose level
  • R to restart
  • Escape to quit to menu


All assets and code created during the Jam.

Game engine: GMS 1.X - our dev doesn't own GMS 2 :(

Programming and level design

Kira - Itch page - Twitter


Gutagi - Itch page

Nodegama - Itch page - Twitter - Discord

Music and sound effects

Ryan Steel - Itch page - Twitter

Post Jam changelog

  • Your scores from the original Jam version are still saved.
  • Added restart with R and quit to menu with Escape.
  • End of level 10 is less difficult.
  • Reduced respawn and warning time.
  • Uncommented the code that despawns collectibles. The collectibles were supposed to be in the Jam release. (oops)


Looting Surprises PostJam Release (Minor fixes).zip 8 MB
Looting Surprises Jam Release.zip 8 MB

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